Dream big, act smart

Dream big, act smart

Win €10 000 of SAP business innovation consultancy!

This is a unique chance for your company or organization to get advice about your digital project from our SAP business consultants. If your entry to the contest is selected, you’ll win guidance worth €10 000 to take your project to the next level.

You have a dream but don't want to participate in the competition?

Contact us at info.belgium@sap.com and schedule a meeting with SAP to discuss your innovation projects.

Rules of engagement

  • 1. All participants to the SAP Dream Big contest are eligible to win €10 000 of business consultancy if they upload a 1-minute video or written case to present their business project.
  • 2. This competition is reserved to businesses or organizations located in Belgium.
  • 3. The business project should be about a digital transformation project for your whole company, a service or a product.
  • 4. The winner is selected by a jury composed of SAP professionals from SAP Belgium.
  • 5. The winner will be chosen on basis of the number of likes received (50%) on YouTube or ISSUU, 25% on originality and 25% on business potential.
  • 6. The winner will be elected at the end of June. By participating in this contest, the winner agrees that his name and project will be mentioned by SAP in all communication and press contacts. The winner also agrees to be interviewed.
  • 7. All participants agree to receive communication by SAP about this competition.
  • 8. SAP will not correspond with individual participants about the outcome and the motivation of the jury.
  • 9. The price awarded by SAP is comprised of business consultancy given by SAP business consultants.